What is the purpose of the strategic plan?
GW’s strategic planning process was designed to engage the university community in examining the needs and challenges GW faces in pursuing our shared aspiration for preeminence as a comprehensive, global research university.

What are the areas of focus for the strategic plan?
The plan will focus on four strategic areas, or pillars, that drive excellence in higher education: World-Class Faculty, High-Quality Undergraduate Education, Distinguished and Distinctive Graduate Education and High-Impact Research.

How will the strategic plan be used?
The strategic plan will provide the university with practical priorities to guide our work together for the next five years. The strategic plan will not cover everything that GW will do. Work is already underway, for example, on the five strategic initiatives (Student Experience, Research, Philanthropy & Constituent Engagement, Medical Enterprise and Institutional Culture) that emerged as immediate priority areas to advance GW. The strategic plan will focus on the core commitments to guide GW on a path to preeminence as a comprehensive, global research university, and it will help the university community understand the key choices we face as we shape our future together.

What is the process for developing the strategic plan?
The focus of the strategic plan has been informed by conversations over the past two years with faculty, trustees, students, staff, alumni and community members.  Those conversations have informed the plan's framework.  

On September 12, 2019, President LeBlanc delivered a University Update on the plan, and he announced the formation of four committees to guide the strategic planning process. There is a separate committee for each of the four pillars of the framework: world-class faculty, high-quality undergraduate education, distinguished and distinctive graduate education, and high-impact research.  There is also a university-wide Strategic Planning Task Force, chaired by Trustee Christine Barth, which includes representatives of the Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, students, and alumni to coordinate the work of all of the pillars.  

The entire campus community, including faculty, students, and staff, will have opportunities to engage in the planning process.  The committees will offer multiple avenues for community engagement, including town halls, as determined by the committee.  Alumni will be informed of the planning process and have opportunities to provide input.

Committees will prepare interim reports, including principles, metrics and a proposed set of recommendations, and share them with the university community in January 2020. The committees will present their final recommendations to the Board of Trustees in May 2020. The board will then consider how to harmonize those recommendations with budget planning and campus and facilities planning before voting on a final strategic plan at its meeting in late June 2020. View the detailed timeline.

How were the committee members chosen?
The committees were formed based on recommendations from the deans, Faculty Senate Executive Committee, strategic plan committee chairs, and other university leaders.  The Office of the Provost also helped to ensure representation from across the schools on each committee as well as academic resources to support each committee.

Will there be regular updates on the planning process?
There will be regular updates to the campus community about the plans, the major decisions the university faces and the planning process. This process will require many conversations and clear choices as the university sets priorities. The strategic planning process is an opportunity for all members of our community to engage in sharing their ideas and their hopes for the future of GW. You can check this site for updates, and university channels, including GW Today, will continue to share updates and opportunities to engage.

How can I provide input on the strategic plan?
We want to hear from you! You can send questions, feedback or ideas at any time to the Strategic Planning Task Force using this form. Look for more forums for input as the planning committees meet throughout the academic year.

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We encourage all members of the university community to follow the work of the committees, participate in campus discussions and share their ideas for moving GW forward. 


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